Professor Kong Tianping from the Institute of European Studies, which affiliates to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, held a first set of online guest lectures titled „Economic Transition in Central and Eastern Europe: Lessons and Reflection“. The lectures were held on May 18 at the master course Globalization and Economic Policy and on May 20 at the undergraduate course International Economics, at the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics.

In his lecture, prof. Kong discussed the initial conditions of the economic transition of the Central and Eastern European countries, the objective model of the transition, transition strategy, progress of the economic transition. Prof. Kong pointed out what lessons can be...

After a series of guest lectures by professor Michael Kaeding and professor Jing Men, given at both University of Montenegro and the partner university - University Donja Gorica, students from undergraduate and master programs from Faculty of Economics (UoM) and Humanistic Studies (UDG) had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss interesting topics with guest lecturers. 

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