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On May 20, professor Kong Tianping from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, gave an online guest lecture, titled “Global Changes and Relations between China and the West Balkans”

Student taking the International Economics course (undergraduate), organized by professor Danijela Jacimovic, had the opportunity to hear interesting insights regarding the relevant topics of the relations between China and the Western Balkans.

On Tuesday, May 17, professor Srdjan Redžepagić, from the University Cote d’Azur in Nice, France, gave a lecture titled „EU Economy under the COVID crisis“. The lecture was organized as a part of the Globalization and Economic Policy master course at the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro.

Professor Redžepagić spoke about how the EU countries adopted several measures to address the COVID crisis, which include the health measures, deferral of payments and redundancies, enhancing...

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Professor Michael Kaeding, from the Institute of Political Science, University Duisburg-Essen, gave a lecture titled “The Future of Europe and external differentiation: EU agencies, the Western Balkans and Turkey”.

The lecture was organized on Thursday, May 28, as a part of the International Economics undergraduate course at the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro. The students had the opportunity to hear and more deeply understand the forms of differentiated integration –...

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