On March 25, following the week of guest lectures, a Q&A session was organized with professor Frank Schimmelfennig. Students from both Montenegrin universities were able to ask questions and hear comprehensive answers and thorough analysis by professor Schimmelfennig. The main topics of the session were EU integrations, the state of EU regarding the COVID-19 crisis, cooperation between EU and Western Balkan countries and China, as well as tre future consequences of Brexit.

On March 19 at 10am, first guest lecture at the University Donja Gorica was given by professor Frank Schimmelfennig. The title of the lecture was "Theories of Integration". 

University Donja Gorica is a partner on this project and 77 students from Faculty of Humanistic studies were present to hear the first online guest lecture, organized within the classes from the Enlargement Policy of EU course.


The second online guest lecture was given by professor Schimmelfennig to the students of 2nd year of undergraduate studies at University of Montenegro. Guest lecture was held within the International Economics course, on Friday, March 19 and the host was professor Danijela Jaćimović.

The topic of professor Schimmelfennig's second lecture was "Development of European integration". During the lecture, professor Schimmelfennig defined and explained the measures of institutional...

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