Professor Jing Men held a first set of lectures at University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics. Students enrolled in a Master program from a course Globalization and Economic Policy, had the opportunity to participate in the onlince guest lecture on Tuesday, May 4 at 5pm, while undergraduate students, taking the course International Economics, took part in this lecture on Thursday, May 6. Both classes are organized by professor Danijela Jaćimović and Sunčica Rogić. 

Professor Michael Kaeding gave a lecture titled "Legislative decision-making: How the EU institutions interact" to students at Univeristy Donja Gorica, Faculty of Humanistic Studies. Students from Enlargement Policy of EU class, together with Nikoleta Đukanović, lecturer at University Donja Gorica took part in the online guest lecture, organized on April 22, at 6pm. This marked the start of the second set of guest lectures organized within The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence project at...

Professor Michael Kaeding gave a lecture on “Legislative decision-making: How the EU institutions interact” to students enrolled in International Economics course at the Faculty of Economics.

In his lecture, professor Kaeding explained how various EU institutions interact, in order to adopt legislatives. At the beginning of the lecture, prof. Kaeding noted that there are several different competencies, based on which the EU acts, such as exclusive competencies, for decisions such as customs...

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