Professor Jaćimović's interview for AlJazeera

The Western Balkans is not an isolated part of the world and everything that happens strongly affects these economically very sensitive countries. Professor Danijela Jaćimović spoke to AlJazeera about the relationship between Western Balkan, on one hand and EU and China, on the other. 


At the present time, it is normal for the countries of the Western Balkans to be concerned about their economic and political systems, but a strong influx of investments (in infrastructure, digitalization, education, health...) would significantly solve and ease numerous problems that have accumulated in the region," she says. She believes that the region's potential to attract foreign direct investment and achieve long-term growth depends on membership in the European Union, as well as investment in infrastructure.

"And this is part of the changes that we must adapt to in the Balkans, we must overcome regional limitations and understand that if we want economic and any other prosperity, we must also become part of the global world with all the advantages and necessary adjustments," prof. Jaćimović claimed in the interview.

You can read the full text HERE.

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