TV program "Okvir" - guest appearance of prof. Jacimovic

Professor Danijela Jaćimović, CEP project coordinator, was a guest on a TV show "Okvir" on national TV programme - Radio Television Montenegro. The topic of this episode was the economic impact of the war in Ukraine, one year after the agression started. 

Prof. Jaćimović addressed that "After a year of war, we can say that we can talk a lot about the geoeconomy that is changing the world. It happened that Europe solved the current energy problem relatively successfully and surprisingly quickly". She also pointed out that China will significantly affect the rate of economic growth this year, and that inflation started to fall at the end of last year and at the beginning of this year.


You can see the complete program here:

The topic was covered in a post by Radio Television Montnegro Portal as well. You can read the text HERE.


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