On Thursday, March 11th, first online guest lecture was held at University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics. A lecture titled "Theories of Integrations" was held by professor Frank Schimmelfennig to the students enrolled in 2nd year of undergraduate studies in the course International Economics. 

Over 150 students attended the lecture, where professor Schimmelfennig gave an introduction to integration theories - definition and development of integration theories, presented a general classification of theories, and presented three major theories of regional integration: Intergovernmentalism, Neofunctionalism and Postfunctionalism. 

On Wednesday, February 24, an opening event of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence was organized at the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro.

The presentation was attended by the Ambassador of the European Union to Montenegro Oana Cristina Popa, who gave a short lecture on the EU, and the relations between the EU and China’s diplomacy in Montenegro. In her opening speech, Popa congratulated the Faculty and drew attention to how commendable it was to receive this title, awarded for...

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