Online guest lecture "Legislative decision-making: How the EU institutions interact"

Professor Michael Kaeding gave a lecture on “Legislative decision-making: How the EU institutions interact” to students enrolled in International Economics course at the Faculty of Economics.

In his lecture, professor Kaeding explained how various EU institutions interact, in order to adopt legislatives. At the beginning of the lecture, prof. Kaeding noted that there are several different competencies, based on which the EU acts, such as exclusive competencies, for decisions such as customs union and monetary policy, for example, as well as shared competencies, for decision making in the areas of environment, transport, consumer protection and so on.

He explained the roles of European Commission, European Parliament and European Council regarding the legislative procedure.

On April 22 at 11 am, 161 students attended the lecture and expressed their interest in participating in the Q&A session with professor Kaeding, where they could ask questions about the topics of his lectures.

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