“EU budget under the COVID crisis“ - guest lecture by prof. Mrak

The second online guest lecture by professor Mojmir Mrak was organized on April 15, 2022, at 8:30 am, as a part of the undergraduate course International Economics, at the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro.

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Professor Mrak, from the School of Economic and Business, University of Ljubljana, gave the lecture titled „“EU budget under the COVID crisis“, which covered the concept of EU public finances, medium-term financial framework, annual budget, as well as COVID crisis as a inpetus for a new generation of the EU budget.

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Professor Mrak concluded that EU mega financial deal is a big opportunity for EU (if efficiently implemented):

  • It will demonstrate its viability and crisis management capacity
  • It will prove its commitment to main development challenges (green agenda, digitalization, etc.)
  • It will provide assurances to financial markets

But, it is also associated with sizeable risks (if implemented poorly):

  • It will be a sign of its inability to act effectively in crisis situations  
  • It will „kill“ medium- and long-term EU budget ambitious and will harm the euro project 

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