Results of American Elections Impact to Europe

About the American elections, the possible consequences and the impact of the results on Europe and the Western Balkans with the guest, Danijela Jacimovic, Professor of International Economics - TV Nova M Centralni dnevnik (Central News).

The American president has great power to influence the lives of citizens, both at home and abroad. These elections and the election results will affect everyone. Many analysts pointed out that this is an election, and they are voting for a certain type of culture of political dialogue.

Trump's foreign policy so far has been more focused on the East, China and the Middle East, while relations with longtime allies such as the EU have been put under scrutiny. When we are talking about the Western Balkans, the Balkans has simply disappeared from the radar of American foreign policy in Trumps era. But we have to know that America's foreign policy has been planned for many years ahead and the presidents themselves cannot change much.

What can change the course of US foreign policy towards the region are the geopolitical and competitive relationships between the global powers in the region. The United States is always sensitive when it comes to Russian activities. And it is more obvious that Russia’s presence in the region has attached the attention of the United States in the Balkans. It is to be expected that America, together with our EU partners, hopefully, will play a very important role in the region in the coming period.

When it comes to American policy at a global level – the introduction of globalization, with the signing of a trade agreement with China, the possible victory of Mr. Biden as President of the USA, does not mean that the American administration will give up this agreement so easily and quickly.

Relations with the EU in the event of Biden's victory would mean the normalization of the international economic order, permanence, predictability, multilateralism, better economic relations and the return of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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