Prof Jacimovic for RTCG portal - Budget needed, party interests to be set aside

Professor at the Faculty of Economics in PodgoricaDanijela Jacimovic says for the RTCG Portal that Montenegro needs a rehabilitation and development budget for 2022.She hopes that politicians will put party interests aside and approach the issue constructively.

"I hope that all actors are aware of the seriousness of the situation, that Montenegro needs a budget, which is both rehabilitative and developmental, and which will ensure the transformation of our economy in accordance with European development priorities.So, I hope that party interests and rhetoric will be set aside and resolving the issueapproachedconstructively, because that is what the citizens expect ", Jacimovic says in an interview for the RTCG Portal.

The proposal of the Budget for 2022 should be sent to the parliamentary procedure together with the amendments to several laws within the project "Europe Now".

The full article can be read HERE.

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