Erasmus + days 15, 16, 17th October 2020

The General Secretariat of the Government - Sector for Informing Citizens about the EU and the EU Accession Process, within the EU4ME project funded by the European Union, joined the celebration of Erasmus + Sunday, which is an opportunity to remind citizens of the importance of this programme.

Danijela Jaćimović Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Montenegro presented the Jean Monnet project Center of Excellence: Challenges of Enlargement Policy: EU versus Chinese Diplomacy in the Western Balkans 2020-2023 within the Erasmus Program

"We will promote teaching in English and create conditions for several subjects in the field of European integration to be accredited in English at the end of the project, which will improve the attendance of foreign students and professors, increase internationalization and the visibility of faculties and universities," said Jacimovic.

"The exceptionality of the research refers to another innovation and the project should enable the synergetic effect of all national capacities in the field of European interactions. We will create strong links with experts from European universities, a research team that will be able to respond to the challenges in the process of European integration. European integration is the highest foreign policy priority for all Western Balkan countries, but the challenges along the way are great and global and geopolitical competition will make the process unique for us and the EU, because it is different from all previous EU enlargements,” she explained.


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