New Book: The Restart of European Economy and Its Impact on Central and Eastern Europe

Since the coronavirus crisis broke out early in 2020, it has produced severe consequences on European economic activities while the speed of the recovery in Europe is still uncertain. For the CEE region, its recovery speed very much depends upon developments in other EU countries and the global economy in a wider sense.

In a response to such uncertainties, this project was implemented with an aim of having a better understanding of the current economic developments in the CEE region. It sheds light upon the impact of the pandemic and upon the recovery of European economy with a focus on the CEE region. The result is mainly composed of two parts. The first part covers the general overview of the situation and structure of the European economy, including economic growth, economic structures, major development drivers, fiscal processes, trends in government debts and the intensity of intra-European trade relations. In the second part, the focus is on some major and specific issues of recovery and restart in Europe, including global value chains in the CEE region, European Recovery Plans and green economy, digitalization and trade relations between China and CEE.

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Chief Editor: Dr. Chen Xin

To read of download the full book, click HERE.

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