The leaders of the Western Balkans Six, signed a Common Regional Market declaration and Green Agenda, at the online Sofia Summit- Televsion TV Prva Zurnal (News)

Prof. Jaćimović comented that the Decleration of the Common Regional Market  was a postivie signal for the countries of the Western Balkans.  It was a logical step after the EU had allocated 9 billion euros for infrastructure connections in the region.

In order for the planned investment to be realized, the next step is a common market, which would ensure the free flows of goods, services, people and capital in the region, which should be realized through this declaration. The countries of the Visegrad Group had a similar experience, and that is the way to implement EU directives (notably in relation to rules and standards), where the countries of the region are able to share both solutions to problems and good practices, in order to realize what is in front of them as soon as possible.

11 11 2020 2

If we could realize the Common Market with minimal tariff and non-tariff barriers by 2024, we would reap the benefits of trade more evenly, and the Western Balkan economies would gradually improve their level of competitiveness, thus being much more economically ready to compete in the EU single market.


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