Jaćimović: Inflation and political instability are the biggest challenges for the economy

CEP project coordinator, professor Danijela Jaćimović, spoke for the Radio Television Montenegro (RTCG) web portal about the challenges of the Montenegrin economy. 

Expectations are, she points out, that inflation will be around 10 percent this year. Jaćimović also says that Montenegro must stay on the European course, as a path to economic prosperity and democratization.

"This is the course that Montenegro must maintain, as a path to economic prosperity and democratization, and this is supported by about 80 percent of citizens. The financial resources that are currently being offered to help overcome these globally difficult times are of great importance and must not be missed," said Jaćimović.

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Also, in regards to the global challenges, professor Jaćimović also sees risks in "stopping the process of globalization, due to the increasingly strong economic nationalism of global players, but also in global political instability".

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