Professor Jacimovic spoke about EU-WB Summit

On Wednesday, December 7, professor Danijela Jacimovic was invited as a guest speaker on TV program "Focus", which is aired on National Montenegrin TV broadcast. The topic of this week's "Focus" was the analysis of the EU-WB Summit, held in Tirana on December 6.

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In the program, professor Jacimovic highlighted the main conclusions:

"The policy of EU enlargement in the Western Balkans has not produced significant results in bringing the region closer to the EU and its values in the last ten years, after successive waves of EU enlargement. Strict and dry insistence on credible criteria and "fundamentals first" distanced the region from the EU, where high European demands placed on a poor region, that experienced all the troubles of state disintegration, civil war, sanctions, and isolation, were too difficult and almost unachievable. Such a policy developed a feeling of mistrust in the region towards the intentions of the EU, which was exploited by both domestic politicians and contemporary geopolitical competitors such as China, Russia, Turkey, and the Emirates.

The Russian invasion, has contribute to re-Enlargement process in EU, indicates the importance of the process and its contribution to the peace and stability in European continent.

Given the current circumstances, of the Ukraine War is that nearly all EU capitals have taken a more accommodating and cooperative stance toward potential Union enlargements. I see that as a the most important message of the European Union-Western Balkan Summit in Tirana, on 6th December, 2020. Candidate countries are invited to participate in all policy areas where they archive credential criteria, like payment system. Similar to how EU collaboration is a progressive process, full organization membership can be attained gradually.
To combat corruption and the implementation of a low role, the improved economic infrastructure of Western Balkan countries and the full implementation of the principle of free competition to facilitate the creation of a functioning market economy could be prioritized in the changed circumstances."
You can watch the complete program here:

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