The College of Europe online presentation and scholarships for Montenegrin students for Graduate studies

The Center of Excellence at the University of Montenegro, within the project "The Challenges of the Enlargement Policy: EU versus China's diplomacy in the Western Balkans" organized a presentation on postgraduate programs and scholarships at the College of Europe.

The College of Europe is the oldest and most prestigious institute of postgraduate European studies. The two campuses - in Bruges (Belgium) and Warsaw (Poland), annually bring together more than 4,000 postgraduates from over 50 countries.

These courses are also available to students from Montenegro, who have the right to apply for a full College of Europe scholarship, which provides them with significant opportunities to enhance their knowledge in the field of international relations, political science, European law, as well as economics, history and other related discipline. After this postgraduate experience, students can begin careers in national administration, diplomacy, European or international organizations, the public sector, the private sector, or the academic community.

The College of Europe brochure for 2021 can be viewed here

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