EUCO Debrief March 2022 - contribution by prof. Jacimovic

European Council Experts Debrief is series of policy responses by TEPSA to the regularly published conclusions of the European Council. Each time the European Council meet for a summit, TEPSA gathers its leading academics to comment on the conclusions, analysing alliances formed, maintained, and broken, investigating the policy implications of the consensus reached, and prescribing solutions to move Europe forward.

This month, our experts focus on a number of important topics discussed at the European Council: Security & Defence, Energy, Economic Issues, and the Neighbourhood (source: TEPSA).


This month, in addition to a foreword by TEPSA Secretary-General Jim Cloos and some concluding remarks by the University of Cologne’s Wolfgang Wessels, TEPSA's expert contributors include prof. Danijela Jaćimović, CEP project coordinator. Full list of contributors is given below:

  • Krševan Antun Dujmović, Institute For Development And International Relations
  • Ana-Maria Anghelescu, European Institute Of Romania
  • Ionut-Mircea Marcu, European Institute Of Romania
  • Mihaela-Adriana Padureanu, European Institute Of Romania
  • Florence Schimmel, German Council On Foreign Relations 
  • Veronika Slakaityte, Danish Institute For International Studies
  • Izabela Surwillo, Danish Institute For International Studies 
  • Jakša Puljiz, Institute For Development And International Relations 
  • Danijela Jacimovic, University Of Montenegro, Faculty Of Economics 
  • Elene Panchulidze, PMC Research Center Georgia
  • Irakli Sirbiladze, PMC Research Center Georgia
  • Giorgi Tsulaia, PMC Research Center Georgia 
  • Anastasia Chkhenkeli, PMC Research Center Georgia

You can read the full EUCO Debrief HERE.

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