Q&A session with prof. Michael Kaeding and prof. Jing Men

After a series of guest lectures by professor Michael Kaeding and professor Jing Men, given at both University of Montenegro and the partner university - University Donja Gorica, students from undergraduate and master programs from Faculty of Economics (UoM) and Humanistic Studies (UDG) had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss interesting topics with guest lecturers. 

The Q&A session was organized on Friday, May 14 at 8.30 am and hosted by prof. Danijela Jaćimović, prof. Nikoleta Đukanović and Sunčica Rogić. Students have shown interest for the relevant topics of EU institutions and relations between China and the European Union, while prof. Kaeding and prof. Jing gave comprehensive answers and discussed them with students from two Montenegrin universities. 

Q&A participants discussed various topics with prof. Kaeding, such as: consequences of Brexit for the EU coherence, challenges that EU is facing nowadays, as well as the position of Turkey in regard to the EU, which was a continuation on the lecture prof. Kaeding gave to the students last month. 

Professor Jing talked about the priority sectors that will be in the focus in the coming period in China; how can EU and China work together on issues of environmental protection and climate change; how the vaccine for Covid-19 affects the EU-China relations and what is the expected future of this relationship. 


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