Online guest lecture by prof. Jing Men at the University Donja Gorica

Professor Jing Men held an online guest lecture at the University Donja Gorica on Tuesday, May 11 at 6.30pm. Students from the course Enlargement Policy of the EU, organized by professor Nikoleta Đukanović, had the opportunity to take part in the lecture titled "Nature of EU-China Relations". 

In this lecture, prof. Jing started with the historical review of EU-China relations and then continued by analysing the nature of bilateral relations. At the end of the lecture, prof. Jing presented a quote from the EU Policy Paper from 2019, in which is stated:

"China is, simultaneously, in different policy areas, a cooperation partner with whom the EU has closely aligned objectives, a negotiating partner with whom the EU needs to find a balance of interests, an economic competitor in the pursuit of technological leadership, and a systemic rival promoting alternative models of governance".

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